Charles Barkley criticized the NFL’s handling of domestic violence issues Monday, and called for both the NFL and NBA to ban for life any member of its organizations who commit a second domestic violence offense.

“They dropped the ball on this domestic violence thing,” said Barkley, who was in New York City promoting the upcoming season of Turner's "Inside The NBA." “I am very disappointed in Roger Goodell and [NFL Players Assn. Executive Director] DeMaurice Smith. What they should have done is very simple: The first time you hit a woman, you get suspended. You let the legal process play out but you are suspended. The second time you hit a woman you are banned for life.”

Barkley continued.

“They dropped the ball on this domestic violence thing ..." — Charles Barkley

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"I don’t understand why DeMaurice Smith and Roger Goodell are having such a tough time here. They should have gotten in a room and in five minutes handled this domestic violence thing. It is a joke what these two guys have not been able to accomplish. Don’t put a bulls--- panel together at the end of the season. They are bringing in all these women [as senior advisors to the league]. You don’t have to bring in women. A man should know you don’t hit a woman. Two months ago they should have said, “Okay, the first time you hit a woman, you will suspended and we can argue over the number of games—four games, six games, eight games. 

But the second time you put your hands on a woman, your ass is never playing in the NFL again. And in the NBA, too. It’s a joke, to be honest with you. They should have handled this sh--. We should not be sitting here three months later saying, “Wow, what is the NFL going to do?” I can’t believe these guys are screwing this thing up like this."

Barkley said he’d like Adam Silver to impose the same punishment guidelines.

"I think Adam Silver should also come out right now and say once you are convicted of hitting a woman, you will get say 10 games suspended," Barkley said. "The second time you do that, your ass ain’t never playing in the NBA again.”