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From "Must-see TV" to "What's on Netflix?"—SI's entertainment rankings for the 2015-16 NBA season.

By Ben Golliver
October 20, 2015

The Warriors’ 2015 title run was a breakthrough for fans of beautiful basketball. Golden State proved that an offense built outside-in could withstand the rigors of the playoffs. The Warriors also showed that an undersized defense without a traditional center could force bigger opponents to adapt, and they demonstrated that an up-tempo team could be versatile and disciplined enough to defeat fast and slow opponents alike. 

Now, here come the imitators. This season the NBA will feature smaller lineups and a faster style that emphasizes ball movement, spacing, three-point shooting and interchangeable positions. Even traditional, -defensive-minded teams such as the Bulls and the Pacers devoted their summers to restyling their rosters.  

Here’s how the league shapes up in terms of entertainment value, from “Must-see TV” to “What’s on Netflix?” Criteria include projected success, style of play, potency, age, health, coaching and star power.

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