Steve Dykes/AP

San Antonio Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard dunked over Portland Trail Blazers center Mason Plumlee. 

By Rohan Nadkarni
November 16, 2015

From Kawhi Leonard’s reaction, you wouldn’t know what just happened.

The stoic Spurs forward and 2015 Defensive Player of the Year showcased his offensive skills Monday night, dunking over Portland Trail Blazers center Mason Plumlee. The business-like Leonard casually jogged back on defense after the slam, downplaying how vicious the dunk really was.

It’s not the first time Leonard has dunked over an opponent, with his memorable finish over Mike Miller in the 2013 NBA Finals immediately coming to mind as well. 

Now in his fifth season, Leonard’s offensive production is reaching the heights of his lockdown defense. Entering Monday, Leonard was averaging nearly 22 points per game on over 52% shooting, currently career-high marks in each category. The Spurs, with newcomer LaMarcus Aldridge, entered Monday second in the West.

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