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Open Floor Podcast: Lakers drama, Durant's free agency and more

Can D'Angelo Russell recover from the drama in Lakers land? Where will Kevin Durant go in free agency this summer?'s Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver debate in the latest episode of Open Floor. 

In the latest episode of the Open Floor Podcast,'s Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver discuss Kevin Durant's options in free agency this summer and examine the turmoil with the Lakers spurred by D'Angelo Russell's leaked video. 

Sharp and Golliver begin the podcast by taking stock of the Lakers' situation and trying to figure out what happened between Russell and Nick Young. They also discuss how Russell will recover from the bad press and whether this jeopardizes his future with the team.

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Later in the program, the two hosts dive deep into Durant's upcoming free agency and examine theories on why he could leave Oklahoma City. The two also discuss Brandon Ingram and Buddy Hield, the remaining teams in the NCAA tournament, the Timberwolves' future, the Clippers' chances as contenders and more.

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