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The 73 best plays of the Warriors’ 73-win season

The best plays, treys, dunks and highlights from the Golden State Warriors’ 73-win season.
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The Warriors did it. 73 wins, a new single–season record. Now it's time to appreciate what Stephen Curry, Steve Kerr and the rest of the defending NBA champions have accomplished. 

The debate over the Warriors' place in NBA history can't fully commence until the end of the postseason, but in the meantime we decided to rank Golden State's 73 best plays of the 2015–16 season. 

It wasn't easy to narrow down the list to just 73 plays, and it was even more difficult to rank. But we did it anyway. Let the ranking begin. 

73. Steph Curry can’t contain his excitement

​72. It’s hard to pick just one Curry three

71. They all count the same, anyway

70. Even from that deep

69, 68, 67 Sometimes they come in bunches

66. Are the Niners looking for a center?

65. Andrew Bogut is available...

64. It’s an art, really

63. Immaculate ball movement

62. Festus for the rest of us

​61. No Festus for Iman Shumpert

60. Steph with the dish to Varejao

​59. One-on-four, no problem

​58. Off one leg, no worries

57. Get out of the way

56. Or don’t get out of the way

55. He doesn’t only shoot threes

54. Why does this look so easy

53. Someone should have guarded him

52. Absurd

​51. Stop leaving them open

50. Get back on defense


49. Get back on defense, Pt. 2

48. Everything’s a trilogy these days

47. What are the odds this was on purpose?

46. Apologies to Patty Mills

45. Three months later, same deal

44. Feat. President No. 43

43. A half-court alley-oop

42. All in the plan.

​41. We’re going to put a bunch of no-look Curry passes in a row

40. Cont.

39. Cont.

​38. Cont.

37. Cont.

36. The last one, promise

35. Harrison Barnes loses Kevin Martin

34. You’re a wizard, Harrison

33. This was nasty

32. Draymond, coast to coast

31. What...

30. How did he bank this?

29. How did he bank this, Pt. 2

28. Really?

27. Iguodala shakes Westbrook

26. Touchdown!

25. Running out of ways to write “cool play, guys”

​24. Speights!

23. Mo’ Speights

22. Steph breaks his own three-point record

21. This was deep

20. This was also deep

​19. And then Curry hit his 400th three

18. Draymond’s putback saves the day

17. Why is this normal now?

16. Call bank next time, man

15. Why KD should go to the Warriors

14. He won’t have to do this again

13. At least he tried

12. Kawhi couldn’t stop him, either

11. Speights, for six

10. The Bogut dance

9. Steph disappears...and reappears

8. What are you doing, Garrett Temple?

7. When you know it’s good

6. Curry’s go-ahead over Whiteside

5. Barnes beats the Sixers


4. Don’t try this at home

3. The Draymond shot

2. Accidents happen

1. The shot