NBA Fashion Tinder: Vote on the best dressed player of the week

This week's edition of NBA Fashion Tinder features a battle between LeBron James, Stephen Curry and more.
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Welcome to Week 5 of NBA Fashion Tinder,’s roundup of the boldest fashion choices in the league. 

(Tinder—for those of you who are old, married or both—is a, uh, dating app for young singles.)

Our version of the game is simple: Decide who wore this week’s best—and worst—outfits by swiping left or right on the photos provided. At the end of the round, you can check out the leaderboard to see who impressed and who needs to fire their stylist.

Last week’s winner was Stephen Curry, who is really piling up the awards these days.

This week, Dwyane Wade channels his inner Miami resident, Russell Westbrook dons all black and more.

Make sure to check back next week, as we’ll be looking through outfits for the rest of the playoffs.