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Chris Bosh expects to be medically cleared to rejoin Heat

Chris Bosh reportedly expects to be medically cleared for the start of the Heat’s training camp. 
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Chris Bosh is preparing for training camp and expects to be medically cleared to rejoin the Heat, reports ESPN’s Mike Wallace.

Bosh missed every game after the All-Star break last season when he was diagnosed with a blood clot, his second in as many years. Bosh and the organization were previously at odds over his return, with Bosh wanting to return to the court during the playoffs but the Heat refusing to play him.

Bosh posted videos to social media Monday showing him playing basketball and him telling fans he’s been working out.

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* UPDATE: Heat owner Micky Arison responded on Twitter to one of Bosh’s videos Wednesday.

Though Bosh reportedly expects to be cleared, the Heat have not committed to putting Bosh back on the court. The Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson has reported Bosh wants to play under a blood-thinning medication that would leave his system 8–10 hours after ingestion, something the team is not in favor of. 

If Bosh is removed from any blood-thinning medication, the Heat are reportedly O.K. with playing him.