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Orlando's decision to dump Tobias Harris remains one of the biggest head-scratchers of 2016.

By Ben Golliver
September 12, 2016

Orlando’s decision to dump Tobias Harris, now 24, to Detroit for next to nothing in return last February remains one of the biggest head-scratchers of 2016. Harris (16.6 PPG, 6.2 RPG, 2.6 APG after the trade) is well on his way to becoming a quality stretch forward: he has a little pop to his individual offensive game without hijacking the show, he has the makings of a quality catch-and-shoot option to complement Reggie Jackson and Andre Drummond, and he should be able to get by on the boards as the NBA continues to downsize. Yes, Harris is probably destined to be a liability on the defensive end, even as he gets closer to his prime, but that’s not necessarily a death sentence for stretch players with his less-than-overwhelming build. Although he’s about to enter his sixth season, Harris still has some unscratched breakout potential: so much of his career was spent playing for teams going nowhere and for coaches that never established the offensive structure to put him in position for success. So far, Detroit has looked like a much better fit. (Last year: No. 78)

+ Detroit’s offensive efficiency improved from 105.5 to 108.9 upon his arrival (per
+ Harris showed potential to be an excellent spot-up shooter with the Pistons  
Detroit’s defensive efficiency slipped from 104.6 to 108.6 upon his arrival (per
His tweener status bites him on both ends of pick-and-roll defense scenarios


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