Zach Randolph, even after 15 seasons and a constantly evolving NBA game, is still making his presence felt in the paint.

By Rob Mahoney
September 12, 2016

Randolph, after 15 years in the league, is bullying a new wave of slighter, smaller power forwards. His rump does the heavy lifting; tough as it is to push back against Randolph’s post-ups or contest his long-armed hook shots, such tasks are that much harder when Randolph first bumps away defenders off his backside. Sophisticated, preemptive team defenses make it more challenging every year for players to operate from the post. Yet Randolph comes back, season after season, with the fakes and footwork he needs to get by. There’s room, still, for Randolph’s particular brand of mid-usage bullyball. (Last year: No. 49)

+ Remains a solid mid-range shooter, shooting 43.1% last season
+ A load of a rebounder. Opponents advised to use heavy machinery, tow cables, etc.
Slow-footed defender who doesn’t much protect the rim
Face-up game is in decline now that his jab step is something of an empty threat

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