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NBA Social Rankings: New MJ Meme, Gucci Mane's Proposal And More

Have the days of Crying Michael Jordan finally come to an end? Probably not. But there is a new MJ meme. We break down the week that was in this week's NBA social rankings.

Welcome back to The Crossover’s weekly social media power rankings, where we determine who won the week off the court. The fifth week of the NBA season featured a fun Instagram love triangle, Gucci Mane's proposal and a new MJ meme.

We'll rank performances from best to worst. Here’s how the week shook out.

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1. Joel Embiid


In a since-deleted Instagram, The Process made fun of Chandler Parsons by posting a photo of him and his former team’s owner, Mark Cuban. Then, he commented on Parsons’s fun photo of a fan enamored with him and told him he “better smash.” Embiid attacks from everywhere.

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2. J.R. Smith

Yeah, that was just too good for J.R. to pass up on. He had to like Parsons’s photo and leave some emojis in the comment section.

If you’re wondering how he lands higher than Parsons, who posted the actual photo, check out this incredible photo of his dogs, and the caption:

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3. Chandler Parsons

The ladies love Chandler.

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4. Michael Jordan


A new meme was born.

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5. Portland Trail Blazers

Trailblazers Correct Cavs' Grammar on Instagram from nba

They may have lost to the Cavaliers, but they put them in their place with a grammatical correction on Instagram.

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6. Sacramento Kings

I wait for this race every damn year. A star was born in this one.

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7. Anthony Davis

That face, though…

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8. Warriors baby

This baby’s already got the Steph Curry shimmy down.

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9. Los Angeles Clippers

They spent Thanksgiving hanging out and watching the best game of the day. DeAndre even got some routes in:

The ultimate troll, considering DeAndre was this close to signing with Dallas before turning his back on the city.

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10. Gucci Mane

He got engaged!

He gave away a Rolex!

He showed off all his money! (NSFW!)


BONUS: Metta World Peace tweet of the week

The week wouldn't be complete without a cameo from Metta.