Kevin Durant rips Last Two Minute report, defends referees despite mistakes

Kevin Durant is not happy that the Last Two Minute Report “throws the refs under the bus.”
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Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant defended officials after Monday’s Last Two Minute report admitted mistakes in the final minutes of the Warriors' Christmas Day loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The NBA releases reports reviewing officiating decisions from the last two minutes of close games, which sometimes highlight incorrect calls that could have impacted the outcome of the game. The report for Sunday's game notes that Cleveland's Richard Jefferson should have been called for a foul with 3.1 seconds remaining due to contact with Durant which hindered his rhythm and prevented him from following through on a potential game-winning shot. Cleveland won 109–108.

“I think it's b------- that the NBA throws the refs under the bus like that,” Durant told reporters Tuesday.

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Watch Durant's comments below:

In May, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr came out against the Last Two Minute report. Chicago Bulls guard Dwyane Wade is also among the players against it.