Luke Walton discussed coaching role for Lamar Odom

Luke Walton has discussed a coaching role with the Lakers for Lamar Odom.
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Los Angeles Lakers head coach Luke Walton has reportedly discussed a coaching role with former teammate Lamar Odom.

“I think Lamar would be great,” Walton told reporters. “I think anyone that knows Lamar, when he's right, is one of the most likeable people that they've been around and I think he has great knowledge of the game and has a great way of communicating with people.“

There have not been any recent conversations between Walton and the Lakers on creating an additional position for Odom, according to the Orange County Register.

Watch Odom discuss his interest on coaching with TMZ:

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In October 2015, Odom was hospitalized in Los Angeles and underwent physical therapy after a drug overdose at a brothel in Las Vegas. He checked himself into a rehab facility last month seeking "a fresh start" for the new year. He last played in the NBA as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers during the 2012–13 season. He was teammates with Walton from 2004 to '11 on the Lakers.

Walton and the Lakers have kept tabs on Odom's recovery.