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  • We're deeper into the college basketball season and the NBA draft lottery has started to take shape, with Markelle Fultz and Dennis Smith leading the way.
By Jeremy Woo
February 14, 2017

There are now 130 days between today and the 2017 NBA draft. So, now we’ve seen some stuff. March Madness is still a month away, but the lottery has taken shape, and this much-hyped draft indeed looks deep, all the way through the back end of the second round. We can, within reason, get excited now.

That said, it’s still too early in the process for anyone to want to read a super-long intro. Just remember that the first rule of compiling a draft board is that nobody really knows anything: it’s about making the most educated guesses. After first and second-hand scouting over the years in addition to conversations with scouts and others around the league, these are the top 30 prospects—again, regardless of draft order or team fit—as SI sees them going into the NBA All-Star break.

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