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Charles Oakley blasts Knicks owner James Dolan in SI Now interview

Oakley compared Dolan to Donald Sterling, blasted Dolan's handling of last week's altercation and criticized Dolan for implying Oakley is an alcoholic. 
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Charles Oakley sharply criticized New York Knicks owner James Dolan in an interview Thursday with SI Now, comparing Dolan to Donald Sterling and blasting his handling of an altercation between Oakley and Madison Square Garden security last week. 

Oakley spoke to SI Now's Maggie Gray two days after the ex-Knick's Madison Square Garden ban was lifted. NBA commissioner Adam Silver and Hornets owner Michael Jordan mediated in Oakley's dispute with Dolan, who had banned the Knicks great from the Garden after last week's incident, which led to Oakley's arrest.

In his interview with SI Now, Oakley discussed the mediation, his ban from Madison Square Garden and Dolan's comments implying Oakley is an alcoholic. 

Here's a look at the most important moments of Oakley's conversation with Gray. 

Compared James Dolan to Donald Sterling

After Oakley alluded to Sterling, Gray asked the former Knick whether he considered Dolan to be on the same level as the ex-Clippers owner. Oakley replied that he did. 

Sterling was infamously forced to sell the Clippers after a tape surfaced of him making racist comments about African-Americans. 

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Called Dolan's 'alcohol problem' comment out of line

After Dolan banned Oakley from Madison Square Garden, the Knicks owner gave an interview to the Michael Kay Show. During his appearance on the show, he implied Oakley was an alcoholic. 

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"He may have a problem with alcohol, we don't know," Dolan said.

Dolan's comment angered Oakley, who called Dolan "way out of line."

"He's trying to peg me as a different person," Oakley told SI Now. "I'm not that guy." 

Said he preferred jail to Knicks Knicks pretending to be nice

“I’d rather go to jail and just do two or three years for my assault case and come out and be a better person,” Oakley told Gray on SI Now. “Don’t give me something now because everything is bad. That’s what’s wrong. We cover stuff up because of money and power. This is a people issue. People see this.”

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Compared meeting with NBA to Madison Square Garden altercation

This week, Adam Silver and Michael Jordan staged a mediation with Oakley and Dolan. Oakley, however, remains upset by the altercation at the Garden. 

"I feel like I was pulled out of the meeting like I was pulled out of the Garden," Oakley said

After Gray followed up and asked whether he felt the situation could be resolved, Oakley demurred. 

"No, some things can't be solved," he said.