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The 5 most outrageous moments from James Dolan’s radio interview

Knicks owner James Dolan’s radio interview Friday was a real doozy. 

Knicks owner James Dolan gave a rare interview on Friday afternoon on ESPN Radio’s Michael Kay Show to address the Charles Oakley saga, and it was a doozy.

Dolan came armed with a binder full of notes marked “preparation” and spoke for more than 30 minutes about all aspects of the team’s dysfunction, from the Oakley mess to Phil Jackson’s rocky relationship with Carmelo Anthony. 

We’ve attempted to distil the insanity down to the most absurd bits. 

“You’d be hard-pressed to find a living New York team owner the fans like.”

Perhaps because the other ones include a Russian oligarch, a guy who got scammed by Bernie Madoff, a guy appointed as an ambassador by Donald Trump and two guys who, like Dolan, inherited everything they have from their father

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“He may have a problem with alcohol, we don’t know.”

This is isn’t the first time that Dolan, himself a recovering alcoholic, has speculated someone may have a drinking problem. 

“You most likely have made your family miserable,” Dolan wrote in an email to an aggrieved fan obtained by Deadspin in 2015. “Alcoholic maybe.”

“He was tough. He was gritty.”

“He always had 110% energy and I think [the fans] think our teams haven’t had what Charles had,” Dolan said. “I think that makes him more beloved, especially considering how we’re doing.”

This was within the first three minutes of his interview. Dolan threw his current team under the bus right out of the gate. 

“Ask Phil.”

You’re Phil’s boss!


With organizing skills like that, it’s a wonder the Knicks are floundering.