Jesse D. Garrabrant/Getty Images

You're going to get so sick of seeing this.

By Jeremy Woo and SI Wire
February 19, 2017

In a play you're going to see 97 times in the next 45 minutes, Kevin Durant threw an alley-oop dunk to Russell Westbrook in the All-Star game and healed the wounds of a broken nation in the process.

Here it is.

The West’s bench mockingly celebrated, and pretty much everyone — broadcasters, Twitter users, people in general, acted like this meant Westbrook liked Durant again. (Ok, DeAndre Jordan yelling yaaaaaay was funny).

From my significant experience having played basketball in  middle school, I can tell you that no, passing the ball to someone does not mean that you like them.

But we can pretend. Just like we all pretend every day, say, at the workplace, that we like people that we really dislike.

That got dark fast.


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