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Who knew a single emoji could evoke so much meaning?

By Extra Mustard
February 20, 2017

Welcome to NBA trade rumors season, when the basketball world is on edge and far too willing to attribute meaning to the slightest clue of an imminent trade. 

In the latest episode of Twitter overreactions, Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas tweeted a single emoji and everyone freaked out. 

What could it mean? Was he watching a particularly drama-filled episode of The Bachelor? Did he just see something shocking through his bedroom window? Did he poke himself in the eye?

Twitter came up with several theories on the meaning of Thomas's cryptic tweet, few of which had to do with the condition of his actual eyeballs. 

According to Celtics assistant general manager Mike Zarren, within minutes of the tweet's appearance on the internet, he received inquiries from around 20 reporters on whether it meant a deal was coming before Thursday's 3 p.m. ET deadline.

The apparent overreaction wasn't without reason, though. As Celtics reporter Jay King pointed out, the last time Thomas tweeted the same emoji, Al Horford announced he had signed with Boston shortly afterward. 

The Celtics have reportedly had conversations with the Bulls about acquiring Jimmy Butler, but maybe Thomas had just showered and accidentally gotten shampoo in his eyes. 

We may never know.

– Erin Flynn

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