Paul George frustrated Pacers didn't discuss trade rumors with him before deadline

Paul George was frustrated that the Pacers didn't give him more information about his odds of being traded.
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Paul George was the subject of many trade rumors before Thursday's deadline, but he found himself just as in the dark about his own future as the people reading the rumors on the internet.

"I kind of was on the ropes just like you guys on what was about to happen," George told the media on Thursday after the 3 p.m. deadline had passed. "It was kind of a dark moment of uncertainty. That was the frustrating part. You want me to be your guy here, I thought I'd be in the loop a little more than that."

The Pacers were reportedly talking to the Celtics and Nuggets about negotiating a trade for George, but ultimately decided not to let him go.

George will be an unrestricted free agent in 2018, and could be eligible for a maximum designated player extension with Indiana. The Vertical and USA Today both reported George is considering signing with his hometown Los Angeles Lakers if no improvement is shown by the Pacers, who have a 29–28 record and are sixth in the Eastern Conference.