Jose Calderon was with the Warriors for two hours but will be paid for the rest of the season. 

By SI Wire
March 02, 2017

Kevin Durant’s injury had a ripple effect throughout the Warriors organization. Before Durant hurt his knee on Tuesday, the Warriors had agreed to sign veteran point guard Jose Calderon, who had recently been waived by the Lakers. Once Durant was injured, however, the team decided it should use its final roster spot on another forward and reached out to Matt Barnes. 

Golden State didn’t leave Calderon out to dry, though. The team signed him to a contract and released him two hours later to make room for Barnes. The Warriors also went a step further and agreed to pay Calderon what he would have earned if he was on the team for the rest of the season. 

Calderon, 35, has played 12 seasons in the NBA with five different teams. The Warriors are the second team this season to employ Calderon without having him appear in a game. He was traded from the Knicks to the Bulls in June and traded again from Chicago to the Lakers in July. 

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