Kyrie Irving stayed for extra jumpers after Cavs’ blowout loss

Irving had just eight points in Cleveland’s loss to San Antonio.
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After scoring just eight points in a disappointing 103–74 Cavs loss in San Antonio on Monday night, Kyrie Irving showed his displeasure by cranking in some extra practice after the game.

As the arena cleared out and players went to the locker rooms, Irving remained on the court and hoisted additional shots in apparent frustration.

Irving is 12–36 in his last two games as the Cavs have sputtered toward the finish line. Kyrie’s done this before, but the bigger issue is Cleveland’s need to rediscover top form with the playoffs on tap.

Irving’s favorite movie is Whiplash — he writes it on his shoes — so this type of practice method isn’t overly surprising.

Cleveland plays at Chicago on Thursday.