"He thinks he’s going to sell a shoe for $500? That’s just absurd," Draymond Green said.

By SI Wire
May 09, 2017

It seems that everyone has an opinion about Lonzo Ball's $495 sneakers, and Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green is just the latest to drop the hammer on someone who hasn't played one minute in the NBA.

Green offered his thoughts on his “Dray Day” podcast for Uninterrupted, saying he thinks the concept of creating a shoe is fine, but that the Ball family is going about it wrong.

Lonzo Ball's father, LaVar, unveiled the ZO2 Prime on the Big Baller Brand website last week and says the shoes will ship in late November. 

"He thinks he’s going to sell a shoe for $500? That’s just absurd," Green said. "So I think that’s just crazy, and I think they’re setting themselves up for failure with that. Now, when you look at the situation, are they charging that much because they can’t mass produce the shoes and they need to charge that much to cover the cost, maybe. But even if that’s the case, you have to find a different route. You can’t just charge $500 for a shoe."

Green wasn't finished, criticizing the price tag of the $220 slides Big Baller Brand is selling. 

"However, I think at the same time—also $220 for a slide? Why are we fooling? To be like, Gucci’s selling this, Gucci’s been out for a long time. Let’s not do that. Let’s not disrespect these brands who’s done all this work to get to where they are. … It’s crazy."

- Scooby Axson

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