Draymond Green phantom technical foul leads to Finals controversy

Confusion over two apparent technical fouls on Draymond Green led to controversy in Finals Game 4.
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Confusion over two apparent technical fouls on Warriors forward Draymond Green led to controversy in Finals Game 4. We’ll do our best to actually explain that sequence of events.

The first technical was originally assessed with 1:55 left in the first quarter. The Cavs led 37–27 at that point.

That tech occurred after Green and head coach Steve Kerr complained about a foul call that was assessed after Green struck Cavs guard Iman Shumpert in the face.

Now, fast-forward. With 6:18 left in the third quarter and the Cavaliers leading 99–85, Green was apparently assessed another technical foul after complaining about a call. See below. The second technical foul would have led to Green’s ejection from the game.

However, after a long period of on-court confusion, it was determined that Green was not assessed a tech in the first quarter to begin with. It was apparently assessed on Kerr, which meant that Green, much to everyone’s surprise, was not ejected from the game.

This entire sequence remains somewhat questionable, given the fact that Green was given a tech in the official box score, as SI’s Ben Golliver discovered.

Kerr said after the game that he initially thought the technical was on Green. 

The Cavaliers ended up winning 137–116. The Warriors lead the Cavaliers 3–1 in the series. 

UPDATE: The game's officials explained the situation to a pool reporter following the contest.