The best (and worst) old tweets from 2017 NBA draft picks

A few newly drafted NBA superstars received a quick introduction to national fame. Here's a look at some of their old tweets.
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Unearthing old tweets from newly drafted sports stars is a cherished draft night tradition. The 2017 NBA draft did not disappoint, bringing a few to the surface and sending Twitter into a tizzy. Here's a look at a few of the highlights (or lowlights, depending on the tweet). 

Let's start with a tweet the internet can't get over, courtesy of No. 9 overall pick Dennis Smith, Jr. Unfortunately, this gem was quickly deleted – which is disappointing but not especially surprising. It reads as follows: "Everybody has god given talents. Mine just so happens to be slangin this wood in my pants."


I personally like this more innocent one where he compares himself to okra.

Terrance Ferguson, who was selected No. 21 overall by Oklahoma City, had a take on his new team that might upset some (all) Thunder fans.

New Sacramento Kings draftee Zach Collins wasted no time deleting an old tweet from 2012, but not before the internet secured a screenshot. Tweets are forever.

Some more archived content from the 2017 draftees:

And let's conclude on a nicer note. Here's new Orlando Magic forward Wesley Iwundu chronicling summer 2011—with the team.

Until the day comes that top prospects do a thorough social media cleanup, we'll appreciate getting this unfiltered insight into their lives.