Gordon Hayward's free agency decision was expected to be announced Tuesday. Then things took a turn.

By Khadrice Rollins
July 04, 2017

It appeared Gordon Hayward had made a decision Tuesday about where he would be playing next season. However, as the news started to come in that Hayward was heading to the Boston Celtics, more reports started to come in that the All-Star forward had actually not decided on where he was headed. After allowing the circus to die down a bit, Hayward announced he was going to Boston. 

The Hayward saga has been captivating Twitter throughout the day, given the volume of reports and his status as the biggest free agent left on the board. Let’s run through how the Hayward news broke throughout the day.

It all started with who was following whom on Instagram.

Gordon Hayward’s trainer apparently just followed all the Celtics on Instagram

Then, the idea of Hayward heading to Boston started to seem like a reality.

And then it didn't.

But not everybody got the message.

Soon enough however, more people started to report that Hayward to the Celtics was not a done deal just yet. His agent went on the record saying so. It was cloudy.

Among the Celtics who celebrated the "decision" was point guard Isaiah Thomas.

But that celebration was indeed premature, as more information started to come out of Utah.

Some were not pleased with how the drama was unfolding.

But as the day turned to night, Hayward finally spoke up.

Then the contract details came in.

Along with the next move for Boston.

The disappointment from Jazz fans.

Utah's new free agent target.

And the reactions to the news becoming official.

In 2015 it was LaMarcus Aldridge who made his decision on the Fourth of July. Last year it was Kevin Durant. Which free agent will takeover the Independence Day news cycle next year? There's a long list of All-Stars and future Hall of Famers who will be on the market next off-season and a year to speculate.