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Watch: Danilo Gallinari Injures Thumb After Punching Opponent's Face

Danilo Gallinari is already punching people like a Los Angeles Clipper.

Danilo Gallinari is not your stereotypically soft European stretch-forward. In you thought he was somebody that could be punked on the court, think otherwise.

In an exhibition game for the Italian national team, Gallinari ended up in a scuffle with Jito Kok of the Netherlands, and Gallinari didn't hold back any punches.

As if getting into a fight in a friendly wasn't too over the top, a hospital visit was also needed because of the punch. Gallinari suffered a right thumb injury but is expected to be ready for training camp. No surgery will be required, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski.

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But it wasn't for the man who got hit.

Gallinari, who was acquired by the Los Angeles Clippers earlier this month, will probably have no trouble fitting in with his new teammates after this incident. After all, Blake Griffin broke his hand punching an equipment manager.

For Gallinari to take a swing at someone on the opposing team shows progress for the Clippers. Right?