Michael Jordan on LaVar Ball: ‘He Couldn’t Beat Me If I Was One-Legged’

MJ delivers roast of LaVar Ball: ‘He couldn’t beat me if I was one-legged’
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LaVar Ball has made some outrageous claims in the past year, but perhaps none more astounding than his assertion that he could beat Michael Jordan in his prime.

No, not Michael B. Jordan, the actor.

Michael Jordan, six-time world champion, five-time MVP, two-time Olympic gold medalist, the G.O.A.T..... (OK, you get the idea.)

Jordan addressed LaVar Ball's ridiculous boasts during a question-and-answer session on Monday during one of his Flight School camps.

“You got to understand the source. I think he played college, maybe?" Jordan said. “He averaged 2.2 points a game. Really?"

Jordan wasn't done with his epic roasting of LaVar.

“It doesn’t deserve a response, but I’m a give it to you because you asked the question," Jordan said. “I don’t think he could beat me if I was one-legged.”