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Dennis Smith Jr. Says the Knicks Pressured Him to Eat Octopus

They passed on him in the draft, but he ate it...

New Mavericks point guard Dennis Smith Jr. was obviously not drafted by the Knicks this year.

And now, it appears to be unclear whether it was related to his hesitance to eat...octopus leg in a predraft meeting.

Phil Jackson and the Knicks brass were at dinner with Smith ahead of the draft and apparently got creative with the ordering. It’s the Knicks, so if it’s weird, you buy it to some degree.

“We went out to some restaurant and they had me eat some octopus, like an actual octopus tentacle,” Smith Jr. told the New York Daily News. “First time ever. I wasn’t going to try it, honestly. They kind of put the pressure on me to do it.

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