The new jerseys' tag will connect to an app that shows the player's highlights and offer exclusive shoe deals. 

By Daniel Rapaport
September 15, 2017

Every now and then, I'll read something that reminds me that we are living in the future. ESPN's Darren Rovell's report detailing the capabilities of Nike's new NBA jerseys is one of those things. 

Nike, which paid about $1 billion to produce the NBA's merchandise, takes over as the league's official outfitter beginning this season.

The company has truly pushed the envelope by syncing the jerseys to an app called NikeConnect. On that app, which will be available to owners of an iPhone 7 or an Android device with NFC capability, fans will be able to watch highlights of the player whose jersey they own as well as receive shoe deals.

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When fans scan the jersey to the app, they'll also receive a "boost code" that makes that specific player better in NBA 2K18, reports Rovell. 

The smart jerseys will also provide Nike with more pointed information as to who is buying what jersey as well as where they're checking in from. Players will also reportedly have the ability to release messages only to those who have bought their jersey, rather than broadcasting something on social media. 

How long until buying Steph's jersey boosts your own real-life jumper? Asking for a friend. 

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