The majority of the GMs think Lonzo Ball will win Rookie of the Year.

By Charlotte Carroll
October 04, 2017

NBA general managers have picked the Golden State Warriors to win another championship and Lonzo Ball to win Rookie of the Year in the 16th annual GM Survey that was released Wednesday.

The survey had 47 questions about the best teams, players, coaches, fans and offseason actions with percentages based on the pool of respondents instead of all 30 GMs. 

According to the site, no other team has been as overwhelming of a favorite to take the championship in the survey's history, with the Warriors earning 93% of the vote. Golden State took 69% of the vote last season. 

Cleveland is ranked as the top team in the Eastern Conference with 86% of the vote. LeBron James took 50% of the vote to win the MVP award.

Kevin Love Positioned to Serve as Cavs' Connective Tissue

Karl-Anthony Towns is the player who GMs would pick to sign and start a NBA franchise with. He is also the player to most likely have a breakout season. 

In the offseason, Oklahoma City was voted to have made the best moves, with Paul George slated to have the biggest impact. 

Greg Popovich was voted the best head coach in the NBA with 82% of the vote. 

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