Thabo Sefolosha was rafting with his family when he reportedly helped save a woman's life. 

By Stanley Kay
October 07, 2017

Jazz forward Thabo Sefolosha, who signed with the team this offseason, helped save a woman's life in a Utah river, according to Kyle Goon of The Salt Lake Tribune

Sefolosha and his family were rafting last month in the Provo River when he noticed a woman struggling against the current. The woman, Lori Clark, had been floating on the river in a tube when she hit a boulder, which flipped her over. With her life vest over her head, she was struggling for air, still flowing with the quick current as one of her friends tried to tow her to safety. She was hitting rocks in the water as she floated along, bruising and cutting herself as she tried to stay afloat. 

That's when Sefolosha spotted her. He asked if he could help, and he lifted her into his raft, according to the Tribune

"He didn't realize I was really in dire straits," Clark told the Tribune. "He really did save my life that day." 

Sefolosha downplayed his action when Goon interviewed him—the story only came out because someone tweeted at the Tribune reporter, tipping him off—but it's clear the Switzerland native helped save a life. 

Another great part of the story: After Sefolosha saved Clark, he told her he had recently moved from Atlanta for work. When she inquired further, he merely said he worked for the Jazz—not even that he played for the team. 

"I thank God every day he showed up when he did,” Clark told the Tribune

Be sure to read Goon's full account of Sefolosha's courage and humility over at The Salt Lake Tribune

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