LeBron James is back for his 15th season. 

By Charlotte Carroll
October 16, 2017

Nike released a new ad in celebration of LeBron James' 15th season in the NBA ahead of the Cavaliers' season opener against the Celtics on Tuesday night. 

The ad begins with James wearing sunglasses, accompanied by a narrator saying, "Oh no, no, no. Why'd they go and poke the bear?"

This is followed by scenes of fire, thunderstorms, and the proverbial lion and the deer. There's footage from James social media clips and video of him playing from last season. The symbolism isn't hard to see. 

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The narration ends by saying "I'd feel sorry for them if it wasn't going to be so damn fun to watch."

With LeBron James in revenge mode after losing the 2017 NBA Finals, it should be fun to watch indeed. 





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