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Golden State's Draymond Green Explains His 'Mood' Instagram

Guess, it's never too early for a good old Golden State-Cleveland back-and-forth after all. 

While memes usually have the power to do all the talking, Golden State's Draymond Green decided to offer a little more explanation to his "Mood" Instagram that he posted Tuesday. 

In a series of tweets posted two and a half hours after the initial Instagram, Green said that "FYI people should really stop making assumptions... I'm still trying to figure out how y'all made Bron post out to be about the Celtics...I just thought the pic was dope and that was my mood today... I'm always the first to say when I'm going at someone... and always will."

Confused already? 

Let's break it down, because as with all Twitter/Instagram "feuds," there's a little back-and-forth, he said-she said nonsense to follow.

On Monday night, LeBron James posted an Instagram with the caption "Mood" depicting an image of fist from the TV show Arthur, that is usually meant to show frustration.

LeBron tends to use cryptic memes and online posts to send messages, but not typically this early in the season. However, a 4-6 start seems like an appropriate time to start the memes. People were also assuming the anger had to do with the Celtics beating the Hawks since LeBron posted shortly after former teammate Kyrie Irving scored 35 to get Boston's ninth win of the season.

Some time went by and nothing happened, until Green posted an Instagram of his own Tuesday afternoon with the same caption as LeBron. 

​A little later, LeBron posted another Instagram of the Arthur meme, but with four pictures of him holding his fist like the meme. The caption said "Mood Forever" along with a crown emoji and the #striveforgreatness. 

And then that's when we got Green's Twitter explanation. 

Whew, got all that?

I guess memes can't explain everything after all.