Nike Launches Kevin Durant Signature Eyewear Collection

Kevin Durant has expressed a desire to explore non-basketball ventures, and now he has a glasses line. 
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Kevin Durant said part of the reason he made the move to the Warriors is because he wants to pursue interests outside of basketball. He's done his part to fit in with his Bay Area peers by investing in tech companies such as Postmates, he raps, and now he's got his very own eyewear line. 

Nike just launched the Kevin Durant Signature Eyewear Collection, which offers three frames for adults and three for kids. There are no sunglasses offered as of right now, just vision glasses. Prices aren't listed on the site yet, but the frames will run from $197 to $297, according to ESPN's Darren Rovell. 

Durant's former partner in crime Russell Westbrook also has a glasses line. Read into that as you will.