The fan was trying to film Hood after he was ejected, so Hood promptly knocked it out of his hand. 

By Daniel Rapaport
January 12, 2018

Jazz guard Rodney Hood was fined $35,000 for slapping a phone out of a fan's hand after he was ejected from Wednesday's 107-104 win over the Wizards. 

Hood was ejected after picking up his second technical, and the fan—who was sitting courtside—attempted to film Hood's walk of shame to the locker room. The third-year player out of Duke did not appreciate the fan's cinematic aspirations and promptly knocked the phone out of his hand. 

Apparently the league takes destruction of fan's property quite seriously, as the $35,000 fine is more than the league's standard $25,000 fine for things like complaining about officiating.

One has to hope that at least $1,000 of the fine went to the fan who probably had to buy a new phone or at the very least had to replace the screen. 

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