Derrick Rose's Brother Makes Between $250,000 and $300,00 Through Derrick's Adidas Deal

Derrick Rose's brother Reggie makes six figures annually through Derrick's Adidas deal.
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The details to Derrick Rose's 14-year Adidas contract were revealed Tuesday in a Sports Illustrated story by Jon Wertheim.

Among the many things that stuck out about the deal, one term that really catches the eye is that Rose's older brother Reggie gets paid through the deal for being a consultant.

While it does not seem too over the top for Rose's older brother to profit off of the deal, the fact that he makes at least $250,000 annually is a bit surprising.

From Wertheim:

​Recently SI obtained his 40-page contract with Adidas, and the document shows just how far shoe companies are willing to go to accommodate an athlete. The deal called for annual retainers of $12 million per season from 2012–13 until ’16–17. (This season, he is entitled to $11 million.) It also included annual royalties of up to $6.25 million per year, as much as $4.8 million in annual appearance fees and use of a private plane. (For comparison, SI has learned that John Wall's new Adidas deal calls for him to be a paid a base salary of $4 million). Reggie Rose, Derrick’s older brother, is paid between $250,000 and $300,000 annually as a consultant. Randall Hampton, Rose’s best friend since sixth grade and his assistant, is paid between $50,000 and $75,000 annually for “consulting” services. Adidas also pledged to contribute $150,000 annually to the AAU team of Rose’s choice.

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Considering the deal is worth around $190 million over the course of the 14 years, $250,000 to $300,000 each year to Rose's brother might not actually be too bad. However, it is interesting to think about how long Reggie Rose will be on the Adidas payroll now that Derrick's career trajectory is far different from what it was when he signed the deal.