• DeAndre Jordan is a hot commodity as the NBA trade deadline approaches. Because he's the biggest name on the market, we're following his every move.
By The Crossover Staff
February 08, 2018

The NBA trade deadline is Thursday, Feb. 8 at 3 p.m. ET, and news and rumors are flying around the league as teams look to shake up their rosters in anticipation of the stretch run. 

DeAndre Jordan has been heavily-discussed leading up to the buzzer, with the Bucks, Trail Blazers, Wizards, Rockets and Cavaliers all linked to the All-NBA center. After the Clippers traded Blake Griffin, it appeared likely Los Angeles would enter a full rebuild, but the Clippers decided to re-sign Lou Williams on Wednesday, committing to one piece of their new core. 

2018 NBA Trade Deadline: The Crossover's Running Diary

However, talks have heated up about Jordan once more. Here's a breakdown of every DeAndre Jordan rumor, which will be updated by The Crossover in real-time leading up to the final deadline. 

Toronto enters the mix!

The Raptors have long been dangling Jonas Valanciunas in trade talks, and they've entered the DeAndre Jordan discussion (Marc Stein, New York Times). The Crossover suggest this trade on Tuesday.

Can the Cavs land Jordan?

The Cavs haven't given up on their pursuit of DeAndre Jordan just yet. Cleveland and Los Angeles remain in discussion about a deal involving the star center and have had conversations with potential third teams to facilitate the deal. (Adrian Wojnarowski, ESPN)

Wednesday News

The Clippers, meanwhile, are still listening to offers on DeAndre Jordan and have heard from the Rockets, Bucks, Wizards and Blazers, ESPN’s Zach Lowe reportedWojnarowski said on Lowe’s podcast, though, that the Blazers have “backed away a bit” from their pursuit of Jordan.