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Matt Barnes Says Beef With Derek Fisher Is Over: 'We're Cool'

Matt Barnes said on Hot 97 radio that he and Derek Fisher are cool, and that he gets along better with him than his ex-wife. 

One of the spiciest beefs in recent NBA history has been quashed. 

Back in 2015, when Matt Barnes was with the Grizzlies and Derek Fisher was coaching the Knicks, Barnes drove over 90 miles to physically confront Fisher over his relationship with Barnes' ex-wife, Gloria Govan. The two were teammates with the Lakers in 2011. 

Barnes was suspended two games for the incident, and it wasn't the last time these two names were in a headline together. In June of last year, Fisher got a DUI and flipped a car that was registered to Barnes. 

Now the recently retired Barnes is saying he and Fisher are cool. You can watch the full interview below, and he begins discussing Fisher around the 3:45 mark. 

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"It's crazy I say this—Derek and I get along better than I get along with my ex," Barnes said on Hot 97 radio. "You know, we squashed—I told him why I came at him the way I did, and he understood."

Asked why he did come at Fisher, Barnes said: "It's just a respect factor to me. I don't really agree with dating my ex-wife situation if we're teammates for a certain amount of time, I don't agree with that. But I even push that to the side. 

"But you can't be living in my house that I pay for around my twins and not tell me. I had no idea."

Barnes won a championship with the Warriors last season and announced his retirement shortly thereafter.