Draymond Green believes complacency happens to everyone.

By Chris Chavez
February 28, 2018

Golden State Warriors guard Draymond Green admitted to SI Now that the Golden State Warriors have shown moments of complacency throughout the season but have found ways of countering it.

The Warriors have won two NBA championships in the last three years, making the NBA Finals each of those seasons and setting an NBA record with 73 regular season wins in 2015-16. The Warriors are 47–14 on the season and will likely become the first team since the Showtime Lakers to have four consecutive 60-win seasons.

The Warriors have cooled off in January and February in comparison to past years but Green reminded SI that the goal is to ultimately win in the playoffs. The Warriors have never won back-to-back championship titles.

"There's no season I've played in that felt the same," Green says. "Every season kind of takes on its own life. This season has been much of the same of that. It's kind of taken its own turn. For us, coming into this season, it's kind of like 'Hey man, we need to do everything we can to stay healthy. We need to do everything we can to stay fresh and get ready for the playoffs.' You realize the things that's going on in that season so maybe you're not clicking as much as you once were. How do you get back to that point? How do you stay hungry? I think in life 'complacency' is something that happens with everyone no matter what field of work you're in. Whether it's basketball, whether it's a journalist, whether it's you know a CEO of a company complacency is always going to start to take place. How do you overcome that? For us? We definitely have had some complacency throughout the season and that's the joy of it. Overcoming that complacency, getting back to the drawing board, getting back to the basics and always remembering how hard it is to win in this league. That's kind of been the theme of the season and I love where we are."

The Warriors will face the Washington Wizards on Wednesday night. 

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