• In the latest episode of the HOLDAT Podcast, Carlos Boozer and Nate Robinson dish advice to young NBA players on how to deal with NBA groupies.
By The Crossover Staff
March 29, 2018

The early years of being a professional athlete is all about adjusting. There is a long list of things you need to do in order to truly adapt to the league's culture. You now possess money, cars, jewelry and other luxuries you could not afford before, which ultimately shines some light on you. 

In the latest episode of the HOLDAT Podcast, former NBA veterans Carlos Boozer and Nate Robinson provide some advice to NBA players on how to deal with groupies and share personal stories from their playing careers. 

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Nate Robinson: Let's talk about these young guys and these little groupie girls. 

Carlos Boozer: A funny topic but a real topic. Let me now give you a quick example of how it goes. I got drafted by the Cavaliers in 2002 and we go out to Sacramento to play the Kings on the road. This is when they had C-Webb, Mike Bibby, Vlade Divac and Peja Stojakovic, they were loaded.

So it's the first game of the season and we get out to Sacramento and we get to hotel, there is a lot of women there. I didn't pay attention. I got my bag and went up to my room. I get up to my room and then ring, ring, ring. I'm like, "Hello?" "Oh my God, I just saw you walk in the lobby and can I come up stairs?" I was like, "Sorry, I am chilling with my friends but it's very flattering." Click. Then I go to eat with the homies, my boys Darius Miles and Dajuan Wagner and we come back and ring, ring, ring, "I just saw you. Oh my God, can I come up?" I am like whoa! That was the first game, I haven't even played yet. That is just a mild example of how it goes. As soon as you get drafted and make an NBA roster, these joints be waiting for you.

I am going to tell you the truth, they can target you. So if you are going to invite one of them, make sure you strap up. Well, strap up anyway. But if you do go that route, be very, very, very careful. Make sure you don't fall asleep, they do take jewelry. I have heard some crazy horror stories, when you have an evening together and you fall asleep and your jewelry missing, your watch is missing, your Louis Vuitton's is missing, and your bag is missing, and then they ask what happened? Whoever stayed over had some sticky hands and they took your stuff. So make sure you stay awake. This is 101 groupie education right there.

Also make sure you walk them down the stairs or get them an Uber and make sure they are straight. Because I have heard other situations where you have one of these friendly visits and they go downstairs and they start claiming that stuff happened to them that didn't happen like rape or sexual abuse.

Robinson: When you walk downstairs, they have the cameras seeing you when you walk out. 

Boozer: Yep. Be very careful. As soon as you make the NBA or the NFL or whatever, once you have more success, there are people out there who will target you because they want something from you. You have a bright light around you. Once you make it to that level, you are shining very brightly. People are noticing what you do. They see how you move, where you go, who you hang with and they target you. My personal advice is to be very careful. Keep your circle very small. Not saying not to be open to new experiences. Have fun with your squad and friends. But just be very cautious when you meet new people and what their new intention is in your life.

Robinson: Yep. You had it good Booz. You are 6'9". Girls were looking right past me like, "Excuse, we are looking for the tall dude behind you." I am like damn, I have to work for my groupie love? I am like, "Okay word". I had to go out to do the dunk contest for y'all to notice my little ugly a--, huh?

Boozer: (Laughs)

Robinson: Fellas, it is different for everybody. Booz is light skin and you can see his tattoos. He gotta beard, it's not working like that for me so my groupie love was a little different. They were like you pint size, you cute, you a little short stack. But fellas always be aware of your surroundings. Don't go to a groupie's house. That is how they set you up. If you are going to go out to eat, make sure you do it in a public place where people could see you. Just basic stuff, man.

Now in days you know with social media, not taking anything from women in what they do, because men we probably do it to but the social media thing, wanting to take pictures and wanting to put you out if you not this or you are not that, and they will talk bad about you if you don't do what they want. You got to be conscience of that. Because girls get upset when a guy does not do something that they want or they don't get something that they want. So you just have to prepare yourself for the worst.

The best thing is having fun, but in the aftermath it could be a publicity stunt and they are trying to tarnish your name. That's not cool. People have families. Like Booz said, have fun enjoy your time. Just put your best foot forward. Wear a rain coat, fellas, because it gets real wet outside.

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