• In the latest HOLDAT Podcast, Carlos Boozer and Nate Robinson open the mailbag to discuss Derrick Rose, Larry Bird vs. LeBron James and NBA teams they wished they played on.
By The Crossover Staff
April 06, 2018

In the latest episode of the HOLDAT Podcast, Carlos Boozer and Nate Robinson dive into the mailbag to answer fan questions. Topics include worst teammates, the what if game with Derrick Rose, teams they wished they played on and try to settle the LeBron vs. Larry Bird debate. Subscribe and listen to the podcast. 

(The following transcript has been edited and condensed for clarity.)

Who is the worst teammate you ever had?

Carlos Boozer: I have had some amazing teammates—Nate being the best one but if I had to pick one, this is like snitching. We don't even do this where we from. 

Nate Robinson: You can have a teammate you didn't like.

Boozer: I had a couple co-workers I didn't rock with. Let me think.

Robinson: It can be a worst teammate, doesn't mean you don't like them. Technically doesn't mean that you are snitching. Just stating who is a bad teammate you had. 

Boozer: I am trying to think about who didn't want to get some doughnuts or open the door.


Robinson: I didn't have a teammate that I didn't like but the teammate that was selfish and didn't want to share none of his food was Fred Jones. Shoutout to Fred Jones, he is a great guy. One quick story I have with him, we are on the bus going to a practice or something. It could have been after a game. So after the game we order food, David Lee, another great teammate of mine, walks up and we were just talking about people going up to people and taking food without asking. It was perfect timing. David Lee walks in and grabs a fry off of Fred's plate. Fred smacked his hand and said 'Dog don't you ever reach your hand and grab for my food.' David Lee was like bruh I thought we were teammates. Fred said yeah but where I'm from you ask first (laughs). I was like bro David Lee don't come from that type of family, he don't have to ask for stuff. Everything was probably given to him. Dave was like oh my God you are so serious. It was so funny bro but Fred was stingy, he never wanted to share any of food ever.

Boozer: I think the guy, who is actually a good teammate but one thing that bothered the whole squad in Utah, I am talking about Matt Harping by the way. We would be listening to hip-hop, this is back when you would go into the locker room and you would cut on Yo! MTV Raps or BET or whatever and we go in the locker room and we in the shower and listening to music and while we are in there, my man Matt Harping will come in and put the stock exchange on and cut the music off and change the whole vibe of the locker room. We were like bruh? We know about the stock exchange. We knew our bank accounts were going up. That would be the one thing we didn't like about Matt Harping. But he was a good teammate.


Do you ever think about what the Bulls could have been if D-Rose never got injured? 

Boozer: Yeah. I think we would have won two or three championships personally. He was that gifted. 

Robinson: I might not have been on the Bulls by then (laughs). I wouldn't have been a part of those championships. 

Boozer: He was so talented. I am going to tell you D-Rose was on a fast track to be one of the goats in this game until the injuries hit him. He still has so much game left. He is only 28 years old, he's still a baby in the league. He's one of those guys that I saw practice and excel. He won MVP of the league and you putting him with me, Luol Deng, Nate Rob, that's a squad. Our backcourt was so filthy. Our backcourt was so versatile it was crazy. If D-Rose would have stayed healthy, he would have won a couple more MVP's. 

Robinson: At least one more for sure. 

Boozer: Facts. We have won at least one championship or maybe even two with the squad that we had. I also think he would have been an Olympian. He would have joined the Olympic team and got a gold medal out of that.

Is there a team you always wanted to play for but didn't?

Boozer: That is a great question. I have been a fan of the NBA my whole life and have been fortunate to be picked by the Cavs, and then get a chance to play in Utah with the Jazz with Jerry Sloan. Went to Chicago ands played with some greats, then Lakers and played with Kobe, one of the goats. One of the teams I would have liked to play for is Miami because simply I live here. I have been here since 2004, so it has almost been 15 years and I take my kids to the games all of the time. So for me personally, being able to play in a place where I actually lived at would have been very convenient as far as my commute but it would have been cool to just pick the kids up and take them to the games early.

Robinson: For me it is Seattle. Supersonics for sure!

Boozer: I already knew.


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Robinson: Hands down I would have loved to be a Supersonic and represent for my city. I have been here since I could remember but I played high school here, went to college at the University of Washington, me and my father both set records at UW, and then playing for the Sonics would have been perfect. Coming in at the same time when Gary Payton would have probably been retiring and I would have had the opportunity to learn from GP. 

Boozer: Adam Silver here is a shoutout. Bring another team to Seattle. 

Robinson: I think they were talking about the Pelicans moving here. And Memphis is supposed to be moving as well. So there are two teams. Bring the Brow and Boogie down here (laughs). We would love for you guys to come here and hoop for us. Seattle would love you guys... as long as I am on the team. There is no way y'all coming back and I am not on the team. If not, stay in Pelican Bay or wherever y'all at. Stay in New Orleans. 

Who is a better player Larry Bird or LeBron James? 

Robinson: Come on are you serious? The era's are different. Larry Bird really didn't get to go all out because of his back. He didn't get to feel his true testimony to the league. Not going to lie he was a beast though. He was a bad man. He is one dude I heard stories about how he scored 30 in one game just left-handed.

Boozer: Called his shots out before he made it. 

Robinson: Larry Bird is a beast and legend but of course you are going to say LeBron. 

Boozer: No question. 

Robinson: LeBron is up there with Jordan and that is great company.

Boozer: I am going to have to agree. Larry Legend, we give you a lot of shoutouts man because you and Magic saved the NBA in the 80's. A lot of people don't know the NBA was about to go out of business until they came along. But I have to go with the King because of all that he has accomplished and what he is accomplishing in year 15. Like you said on the last episode, he's an alien. Shoutout to all the aliens.

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