In advance of the draft lottery, the NBA is breaking up all the ties in the final regular-season standings.

By Khadrice Rollins
April 12, 2018

The NBA draft lottery will not take place until May 15 in Chicago, but before any ping-pong balls are drawn to determine the order of the top-three picks, the lottery odds for each team must be established.

On Friday, tiebreakers occurred for teams that tied for worst records, with the results below. 

While the Suns locked up the league's worst record and the Grizzlies are alone at second-worst, the Mavericks and Hawks finished tied at third and a tiebreaker on Friday determined which team will have the third-best lottery odds and which team will have the fourth-best chance at securing the top pick. The Kings and Bulls tied for the league's sixth-worst record and also needed a tiebreaker. These tiebreaks determined each team's odds of getting the top pick, as well as establish their place in the standings for how teams will be slotted outside of the top three.

In addition to the lottery teams, there also some playoff teams that needed tiebreakers to determine draft spots. The Heat and Bucks tied at 44-38, the Spurs and Timberwolves tied at 47-35 and the Pacers, Thunder, Jazz and Pelicans were knotted up at 48-34.

Check out the breakdown of each teams' lottery odds and first-round draft position below. Check out Jeremy Woo's Big Board for both rounds of the 2018 NBA draft here.

Draft Lottery Odds (Chance at No.1 pick)

1. Suns (25 percent)

2. Grizzlies (19.9 Percent)

3. Mavericks (13.8 percent)

4. Hawks (13.7 percent)

5. Magic (8.8 percent)

6. Bulls (5.3 percent)

7. Kings (5.3 percent)

8. Nets (2.8 percent)—Pick goes to Cavaliers because it was sent to the Celtics in the Paul Pierce-Kevin Garnett trade and Boston sent it to Cleveland in the Kyrie Irving-Isaiah Thomas trade.

9. Knicks (1.7 percent)

10. Lakers (1.1 percent)—If pick is No. 1, 10, 11, 12 or 13 it goes to the 76ers because it was sent to the Suns in the Steve Nash trade and Phoenix sent it to Philadelphia because a three-team trade with Milwaukee involving Brandon Knight, Michael Carter-Williams and Miles Plumlee. If pick is No. 2 or 3 it goes to the Celtics because of Philadelphia's trade with Boston to swap first-round picks in the 2017 draft.

11. Hornets (0.8 percent)

12. Pistons (0.7 percent)—Pick goes to the Clippers because of the Blake Griffin trade.

13. Clippers (0.6 percent)

14. Nuggets (0.5 percent)

Draft Order After Tiebreakers 

1. Suns (Assuming lottery order holds up)
2. Grizzlies (Assuming lottery order holds up)
3. Mavericks (Assuming lottery order holds up)
4. Hawks (Assuming lottery order holds up)
5. Magic (Assuming lottery order holds up)
6. Bulls (Assuming lottery order holds up)
7. Kings (Assuming lottery order holds up)
8. Cavaliers (via Nets) (Assuming lottery order holds up)
9. Knicks (Assuming lottery order holds up)
10. 76ers (via Lakers) (Assuming lottery order holds up)
11. Hornets (Assuming lottery order holds up)
12 Clippers (via Pistons) (Assuming lottery order holds up)
13. Clippers (Assuming lottery order holds up)
14. Nuggets (Assuming lottery order holds up)
15. Wizards
16. Suns (via Heat)
17. Bucks
18. Spurs
19. Hawks (via Timberwolves)
20. Timberwolves (via Thunder)
21. Jazz
22. Bulls (via Pelicans)
23. Pacers
24. Trail Blazers
25. Lakers (via Cavaliers)
26. 76ers
27. Celtics
28. Warriors
29. Nets (via Raptors)
30. Hawks (via Rockets)
31. Suns
32. Grizzlies
33. Hawks
34. Mavericks
35. Magic
36. Kings
37. Knicks (via Bulls)
38. 76ers (via Nets)
39. 76ers (via Knicks)
40. Nets (via Lakers)
41. Magic (via Hornets)
42. Pistons
43. Nuggets (via Clippers)
44. Wizards
45. Nets (via Bucks)
46. Rockets (via Heat)
47. Lakers (via Nuggets)
48. Timberwolves
49. Spurs
50. Pacers
51. Pelicans
52. Jazz
53. Thunder
54. Mavericks (via Trail Blazers)
55. Hornets (via Cavaliers)
56. 76ers
57. Thunder (via Celtics)
58. Nuggets (via Warriors)
59. Suns (via Raptors)
60. 76ers (via Rockets)


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