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The Best of the Celtics-Sixers Rivalry

The Cetics and Sixers are facing off in the NBA playoffs once again, which brings back memories of their stories rivalry. The Crossover presents a collection of memories from SI Vault and beyond.

The 76ers and Celtics are set to face off in the second round of the NBA playoffs, which brings up old memories of their historical rivalry. A competition that stretches back to the 1960s, the back and forth shapes how we think about the series today.

For decades both teams could claim the league's brightest stars, from Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain to Larry Bird and Julius Erving. Sports Illustrated has been there along the way, detailing every aspect as it developed. Below is an assortment of the stories, images and covers that defined the Celtics-Sixers rivalry.

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Sports Illustrated Features: The Best of Celtics-76ers

Frank Deford (Jan. 25, 1965):Another Big Bluff from Big Wilt: Chamberlain threatens to retire

SI Recommends

Frank Deford (April 29, 1968):Two Seconds Stretch for First: Boston's astonishing victory over Philly

John Papanek (May 11, 1981):The Worth of a Bird in Hand: The Celtics are winging back against Philly

Anthony Cotton (May 31, 1982):Banishing Green Ghosts: Philadelphia goes into a chamber of terror to beat Boston

Bruce Newman (Feb. 28, 1983):This May Be One for the Books: Erving, Malone writing new Philadelphia story

Sports Illustrated Images:Classic photos of the Celtics-76ers rivalry

Sports Illustrated Covers:Boston Celtics | Philadelphia 76ers