When Nick Young decided to join the Warriors this offseason, most people agreed that the best thing that would come out of that was the joy in seeing Swaggy P celebrate an NBA championship.

Well, Monday, Golden State got one step closer to that second consecutive title, which would be Young's first, thanks to a 101-92 win in Game 7 of the Western Conference finals in Houston over the Rockets.

When it was time for the postgame trophy presentation, TNT's Ernie Johnson figured he would talk with Young, the one man on the team everyone is excited to see celebrate this moment. However, Swaggy P was thinking much more about celebrating than talking about what a trip to the NBA Finals means to him, and he provided the world with another great interview.

He does have a hat. And if the Warriors can win four more games, he will get another hat. And another t-shirt. And he will have another reason to ignore a postgame interview for the sake of trying to get his turn up started quicker.

Who else is ready for Swaggy P in June?