Watch: Frustrated LeBron James Walks Out of Presser After Repeated J.R. Smith Questions

It was an awkward conversation between LeBron and this reporter over the J.R. Smith play at the end of regulation.
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The Cleveland Cavaliers had a chance to steal Game 1 of the NBA Finals late in the game when George Hill went to the free-throw line for two shots with the team down one.

He made the first and missed the second, but J.R. Smith collected the rebound for Cleveland. However, instead of attempting a game-winning shot, Smith dribbled the ball back to beyond the three-point line and time expired before the Cavaliers got a shot off.

After the play, Smith appeared to say something to LeBron James who was at the top of the key and right by Smith at the end of regulation.

After the game, Mark Schwarz of ESPN tried to talk with James about the play. The two essentially repeated themselves over and over with Schwarz asking James what Smith was thinking on the play and James saying he doesn't know until finally James got up and left the press conference.

As James walked away, he appeared to tell Schwarz to, "Be better tomorrow."

The Warriors won Game 1 124-114 despite a playoff-career-high of 51 points from James.