Grades: Jazz Set to Re-Sign Derrick Favors, Keep Frontcourt Intact

The Jazz are keeping their frontcourt intact. Big man Derrick Favors will return to Utah on a two-year deal worth over $36 million.
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The Jazz are keeping their frontcourt intact. Forward Derrick Favors reportedly agreed Monday to re-sign with Utah on a two-year deal worth over $36 million. Favors, a former No. 3 overall pick of the Nets, started 77 games last season, averaging 12.3 points and 7.2 rebounds per game. Favors also played 26 minutes per game during the playoffs, helping the Jazz reach the second round. The second year of his new deal is reportedly non-guaranteed. Let’s grade the signing for Utah.


The Favors contract really makes sense for both sides. Favors is a talented player, and though the fit between him and Rudy Gobert can be awkward at times, the Jazz had a 7.2 net rating when the duo shared the court. Favors may not be a modern big, but he’s talented, and Utah absolutely cratered when he wasn’t on the floor during the playoffs. The non-guarantee is significant here. Favors is in essence on a one-year deal at a much higher salary than he likely would have received on the open market. After striking out on sexier names, the Jazz are able to keep Favors in the fold while maintaining flexibility for next summer, when more stars will be on the market.

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For Favors, long-term security would have been great, but at least he receives a one-year balloon payment of sorts and the opportunity to re-enter the free agent market when more teams should have space. Both sides should be happy with the outcome here. Utah keeps together the roster that overachieved last season. And Favors gets a nice pay bump with a chance to become a free agent again at 27.

Grade: B+