Lakers Unveil Showtime Lakers Jerseys Return For LeBron Era

The Lakers have a new superstar entering the Staples Center in 2018-19 and new uniforms.
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LeBron may be rocking a different style of purple and gold when he takes the floor at the Staples Center, according to now-deleted photos from the sporting goods store Modell's.

The photos harken back to the Showtime era Lakers of the 1980s. The jerseys feature a lighter shade from the jerseys of Kobe and Shaq's tenure in Los Angeles.

The Lakers confirmed the uniforms on Tuesday.

While James' jersey may mirror those donned by Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, he'll have a long way to go to match their accomplishments in Hollywood. But after five consecutive losing seasons, even one deep playoff run should suffice in 2018-19.