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Bucks Support Sterling Brown After Milwaukee City Attorney Says Brown is to Blame

The Bucks hope Brown's case will mean progress for Milwaukee.

After Milwaukee city attorney Grant Langley released a statement saying that officers did nothing wrong when they utilized a stun gun during the January arrest of Bucks player Sterling Brown, the team released a statement expressing their full support of Brown.

"Sterling continues to have our full support," the team wrote. "What happened to him was shameful and inexcusable. We remain optimistic that meaningful progress can be made in our community in response to this incident." 

Read the full statement below:

The city's police chief and mayor had previously condemned the actions of the officers and apologized to Brown, who was stopped about a parking violation when the incident occured, but Langely's statements contradicted their stance. 

His assertion was in response to a civil rights lawsuit Brown filed in June against the city. Despite the city taking steps to discipline and retrain several of the officers involved, Langely claims that the blame should be on Brown, not the officers.

"The injuries and damages sustained by the plaintiff, if any, were caused in whole or in part by their own acts or omissions," Langely's written response said, per The Journal Sentinel.

Inside Sterling Brown’s Compelling Lawsuit Against Milwaukee and City's Police Department

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said he was not briefed on the city attorney’s response before it was filed.

“It is my hope that this can be resolved in a constructive way for Mr. Brown and for the community. I think it’s counterproductive for anybody to turn up the heat with rhetoric like this,” Barrett told the Sentinel. “I’m trying to bring respect throughout the entire community, and I’m going to continue to do that.”

The Bucks have continued to support Brown throughout the events that have unfolded since January.