LeBron James has been an outspoken critic of President Trump, who called James "dumb" in response.

By Emily Caron
September 20, 2018

LeBron James, the new face of the Los Angeles Lakers franchise, is taking full advantage of his time in Hollywood.

Since his move to Los Angeles, James's production company, SpringHill Entertainment, has picked up projects with increasing frequency. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, James spoke to Marisa Guthrie about the growth of his empire - and attributed much of the company's success to his social activism. 

Jamal Henderson, president of SpringHill Entertainment, noted that people trust SpringHill to take on projects with large racial elements or aspects of social activism because they know where LeBron stands on the subjects. 

Those stances have also resulted in criticism from President Trump in response to James's activism and his outspokenness on the subjects of race and social justice.

The two have gone back and forth several times on social media. On Aug. 3, Trump tweeted that CNN's Don Lemon, "the dumbest man on television," had "made Lebron look smart, which isn't easy to do" during an interview. 

Guthrie asked James if the President calling him dumb bothered him.

"No, because I'm not," James told Guthrie. "That's like somebody saying I can't play ball. That doesn't bother me at all. What bothers me is that he has time to even do that. He has the most powerful job in the world. Like, you really got this much time that you can comment on me?"

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James's foundation opened the "I Promise" school this summer in his hometown of Akron, Ohio in the latest of James's community projects. The school received an outpouring of public support, from fellow athletes to celebrities to politicians alike. 

James discussed other socially relevant issues as well. He addressed the subject of Serena Williams' Sept. 8 U.S. Open final where she was penalized for arguing with the male umpire.

"What we all have to understand is what she is fighting for is bigger than just that match," he said. "She is fighting for equality — always having to win more, more, more, just to feel equal. Being an African-American woman playing in a predominantly white sport, she's dealing with so much more. I have no idea what was going on in her head, but I feel that struggle."

The King is also featured alongside Serena in Nike's new ad campaign narrated by Colin Kaepernick.

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