NASA has invited Steph Curry to visit the Johnson Space Center in Houston for a tour to show him that astronauts did, in fact, land on the moon.

By Emily Caron
December 11, 2018

Warriors superstar Steph Curry and teammate Andre Iguodala revealed their skepticism about the 1969 moon landing on Monday's episode of the Ringer's "Winging It" podcast hosted by Hawks teammates Vince Carter and Kent Bazemore–and NASA isn't having it.

Right before the 47-minute mark of the podcast, Curry asks the group: "We ever been to the moon?"

Two "no's" are floated before Golden State's All-Star responds and says, "They gonna come get us because I don't think so either." 

After someone mentions moon landing conspiracy theories, Fineburg asks Curry, "You really don't think so?" 

"Nuh-uh," Curry said, confirming his belief that the moon landing was staged.

After hearing about Curry's skepticism, NASA wants change the three-time NBA Champion's mind.

NASA spokesperson Allard Beutel told TMZ Sports that they want to invite Curry to visit their lunar labs at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas to see all the evidence that proves the moon landing really happened.

"There’s lots of evidence NASA landed 12 American astronauts on the Moon from 1969–1972," Beutel told TMZ. "We’d love for Mr. Curry to tour the lunar lab at our Johnson Space Center in Houston, perhaps the next time the Warriors are in town to play the Rockets."

He added: "We have hundreds of pounds of Moon rocks stored there and the Apollo mission control. During his visit, he can see first-hand what we did 50 years ago, as well as what we’re doing now to go back to the Moon in the coming years, but this time to stay."

Former NBA star Blake Griffin made fun of Curry's disbelief on Twitter.

When sharing a CNN story citing that Curry saying he doubts humans landed on the moon, Griffin responded "I doubt Bill Gates has all that money..."

The Warriors visit Houston next in March, in case Curry wants to take NASA up on the offer to see the proof in person.

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