"Stephen vs. The Game" is made from the creators of Tom Brady's "Tom vs. Time" Facebook series.

By Michael Shapiro
February 12, 2019

The creators of Tom Brady's "Tom vs. Time" Facebook series will drop a new series in coming weeks, this time focusing on the life of Warriors guard Stephen Curry. The series will be titled "Stephen vs. The Game", following Curry with behind-the-scenes footage both on the court and at home. 

Each episode will run for roughly 15 minutes, director Gotham Chopra told the Washington Post. Chopra reportedly had "between 60 to 70 hours of raw footage" to comb through while making the series.

“There was a normalcy to it,” Chopra said. “Like he and his wife are just grasping what has happened to them in the past few years. It’s this moment where you’re drinking wine and it feels very normal, except there are these three NBA championship rings on the table.”

Watch the trailer for Curry's new series below:

"Stephen vs. The Game" isn't Curry's first foray into film. His media company Unanimous previously partnered with Sony to create the documentary "Emanuel", looking back at the 2015 shooting at a bible class in Charleston, S.C. The film is expected to be released in 2019. 

Curry has won three NBA Finals and two MVP's since entering the league in 2009. The Warriors are first in the West entering Tuesday night at 40–15. 

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